OUR MISSION,  as a church, is to be God’s people following Jesus.

We do this by:


Loving God and Jesus Christ, and showing our love in praise, thankfulness and celebration

Loving those close to us and our neighbours near and far, and showing our love by our support, actions and prayers

Loving all as Jesus loves us, and showing our love by our compassion, actions and prayers


Caring for God’s people and supporting those who work for justice, peace, reconciliation and the relief of poverty

Caring for God’s world and seeking to do what we can to protect and restore his creation

Caring for our local community, being a part of its life and a witness to God’s presence where we live and work


Sharing the good news of Jesus’ life on earth and his death on the cross for us

Sharing God’s love by opening our church doors and our hearts to all who seek to know Jesus

Sharing with other churches in our common purpose to spread the gospel and to build and grow Christian communities